11 Weird and Wonderful Warning Signs From Around the World

11 Weird and Wonderful Warning Signs From Around the World

Sometimes a sign as simple as “danger” or “warning” just doesn’t cut it. My favorite is my 6”5 friend walking into the “please mind your head” sign because he was busy reading it… These hilariously extra warning signs will make you laugh out loud as the locals got up to some tricks and hijinx coming up with them.

We’ve scoured the internet for the funniest alternatives to the classic “danger ahead”. From those that state the bloomin’ obvious, to the prohibition of the outright bizarre (bees anyone?), these warning signs are just a little bit extra. So proceed with caution…

1. Tourists Beware

Image: Reddit

Yep, the locals that put up this sign in Idaho are sure fed up with tourists and their selfie sticks. What is it about people on holiday that makes them think it’s okay to peer into your ground floor study room and take photos of you at work? Not that I’m at all speaking from personal  experience there… But seriously, I don’t know anything about the locals in Idaho, but the students of Cambridge will be eternally thankful if tourists could just stop filming us at work in our palatial colleges!

2. Ouch!

Image: imgur

This sign in Singapore probably ticked off the local after-sun sellers… But realistically if your skin even approaches the color of this sign, you’re probably already a goner! Look after your skin folks, because the sun sure won’t.

And there’s nothing worse than turning tomato faced when you are only a few days into your holiday. No one needs Mr. Sun Stroke Cranky Pants…

3. Do Not Read This Sign

Image: imgur

I mean, if they hadn’t included that unnecessary Oxford comma, I would totally be able to let this go. But if you’re going to inhibit people’s summer fun, at least do it in a grammatically correct manner. The real question is what that pipe contains. Hopefully not sewage, or toxic waste…

4. Micro-manager

Image: imgur

Yep, it’s official. One of these signs is going up in every workplace. Jobsworths had better beware, otherwise they might be getting a spanner to the head! It’s a sad reality of the modern workplace that we’ve all had someone constantly tell us how to do the basics, like sending an email. It’s really really simple. If someone can’t do something, they will ask you!

5. This One’s For the Selfie Obsessed

Meanwhile, at Twitter’s New York office… Five men die in small kitchen fire as colleagues line up for the perfect smokin’ hot selfie. And they say that the youth of today can’t put their phones down for two seconds and have a reasonable conversation! I would have thought that those working at Twitter headquarters can tweet as they go surely?!

6. Beware of the Cat

Image: Reddit

A classic with a weird twist. This couple felt they needed to notify the neighbors to beware the cat rather than the dog. If there’s tuna fish involved, I feel like I ought to notify my neighbors about our ferocious little moggy. There’s not much she wouldn’t do in the name of tuna fish!

7. Nosy Neighbors

Image: Reddit

This Italian hotel are having a few problems with creepy neighbors. Let’s just hope it’s not in a romantic part of Italy…

8. Big Cats

This one has a bit of a Madagascar vibe about it! We are all steaks on legs apparently. Now, how do the lions like their steaks? Medium rare? Well done? Seasoned with garlic and peppers? You’ve got to make sure you get that order right if you are going to cross those safety barriers. Evidently, the simple threat of being impaled on those huge teeth and ripped to shreds by tigers’ claws isn’t enough to keep some people out!

9. Firing Range

Image: Pinterest

Why though? Why will they be shot? Perhaps this is something no Brit can understand, but this sign clearly just invites one to wonder: what are they hiding at this ‘secure’ location? The mystery continues…

10. Fox Sake!

Personally, I don’t think that’s what the fox said. I think the fox actually said: “Abay-ba-da bum-bum bay-do” but maybe that’s just me (and Ylvis)… But yes, if you profess to be an animal-loving, keep cup-toting, plastic-ditching friend of nature (or just a decent person) please slow down, for the fox’s sake.

11. Why Would You Want To Sit On It?

This theme park clearly don’t want anyone getting impaled on them. That really wouldn’t look good on their health and safety policy… And perhaps not as unnecessary a sign as you might think, as one of my friends found out when he tried (and failed) to vault an iron railing… ouch!