12 Weird and Wonderful Ways to Get Your Chocolate Fix

It’s said that the chocolate industry is worth about $100 billion worldwide. So the companies behind it must be pretty happy with making that much money, right? Wrong! They’re constantly coming up with crazy flavors and combinations to find the next big thing. Chocolate pops up in the most surprising places. In my cupboards, in my shopping cart… but on potato chips? If any of these are the next big thing, I’ll eat my chocolate-covered hat as we look into 12 Weird and Wonderful Ways to Get Your Chocolate Fix…

Sweet potato Kit Kat

To me, that sounds like a PG-13-rated exclamation of surprise – oh my sweet potato Kit Kat! Sure, there are other wacky Kit Kat flavors available in Japan – like soy sauce and wasabi – but yam? That takes the biscuit!

Cucumber vodka mint chocolate

I can only think that they decided on this flavor like a game of freakin’ bingo. First word to be randomly drawn out of the pot is… cucumber! Okay, second, let’s see here… vodka! Everybody likes that right? Lets jumble the pieces of paper up again for one more… and it’s… mint! We’re making cucumber vodka mint chocolate today, thanks for playing!

Bacon chocolate

Bacon? Great! Chocolate? Yum, yes please! But both together? Now why in the name of all things sweet and salty would you do such a terrible thing?

Indian curry powder chocolate

Okay well there’s something that nobody ever asked for! This is less like a flavor of chocolate and more like a cruel practical joke your friends would play on you. Actually, could I get a box of those for some of my friends? Revenge might be a dish best served cold, but things are about to heat up!

Ant candy chocolate

Those poor little bugs! Then again, they say that the average chocolate bar contains eight insect parts. Yuck, right? Well, there’s a theory that people with a chocolate allergy aren’t allergic to chocolate at all… they’re actually allergic to the same thing used to make red food coloring… cockroaches! Eww!

Smoke and stout caramel chocolate

So let me just sum that up, we’re talking BBQ chocolate with beer here. Can somebody stop putting men in charge of things, please? It’s getting freakin’ ridiculous, even chocolate isn’t safe!

Camel milk chocolate

Yup, you read that right, chocolate made from the milk of camels! No, they’re not ground up to make it, like you get milk from a cow! On the one hand, it’s only milk like any other. On the other hand, why does it seem so wrong?

Goat cheese and pear bonbon

This fancy $30 box of treats include such delights as a goat cheese and pear bonbon. Well, maybe my tastes aren’t so advanced as all that, but this sounds freakin’ awful to me.

Chocolate toothpaste

My teeth are hurting from a glimpse at that stuff. Apparently chocolate has an antibacterial quality that is good for our mouths, but I think I prefer minty fresh breath. Don’t show this to your 8 year old, they’ll never shut up until you buy them some.

Potato chips dipped in milk chocolate

Yep, these are totally a thing. A totally crazy, wrong thing.

French toast chocolate

Couldn’t some things stay inside their inventor’s minds, where they belong? Just because you CAN make something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD make that thing. When will people learn!

Peanut and ketchup chocolate

Oh, that winning combination! It’s like somebody lost the recipe for PBJ, so they went with whatever popped into their mind instead. It’s what the world has been crying out for, peanut butter and ketchup… said NOBODY EVER!

Why can’t people be happy with chocolate flavored chocolate? Or is that too much of a freakin’ crazy old fashioned thought these days? You can’t mess with the classics, but it looks to me like the candyman might have a whole bunch to say about that! You won’t catch me eating chocolate with bugs in it any time soon… well, not on purpose anyway!


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