14 Celebrity Encounters That Went Exactly How You’d Expect Them To

14 Celebrity Encounters That Went Exactly How You’d Expect Them To

I think it’s safe to say that at least during some point of our lives, we’ve all dreamed about running into our celebrity crush, and if you’re sat there saying that you haven’t then well, I’m sorry, but you’re an utter liar.

For those of us who aren’t delusional, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Running into them in a theater? Or maybe seeing them on a hiking trail that you jog on every morning, while the rising sun colors the horizon in the perfect orange hues? Maybe they’ll catch you walking out of the ocean in slow motion and fall deeply, madly in love with you? That all sounds very ideal but sadly (and unsurprisingly) it just never seems to happen that way.

An American author from New York City, Jaya Saxena, once decided to ask her Twitter followers about their celebrity encounters. And not just any encounters, the “most accurate celebrity sighting”. So, basically, it implies that the timing, setting or the actions that the celebrity was seen taking somehow seems “fitting” to their personality, or a character that they played at some point.

And I just know you’re going to LOVE some of the responses she received. Enjoy!

1. Robin Williams

When people talk about what an amazing actor Robin Williams was, I disagree with them. Only because I feel like he was never ever actually “acting”, he was just a naturally amazing and hilarious person. We miss you, Robin!

2. George Clinton

Nothing worse than when a musician or actor pretends to be a certain way to sell records or promote a certain reputation… so it’s great to hear that George Clinton was absolutely 100% authentic… perhaps to a fault.

3. Robin Williams (Again)

At this point I’m starting to believe that I am the only person on the planet that has never actually run into Robin Williams, it seems as though he was everywhere! Or maybe he just really loved talking to people. Either way, this proves that he was an incredibly nice, down to earth guy.

4. Adam Driver

There’s nothing I love more than hearing stories about celebrities playing along with the kids that they meet “out in the wild”. If I was this Dad I’d probably be a little nervous for my own safety, however… (a little Star Wars joke for you there, you’re welcome.)

5. Keanu Reeves

Yep, this pretty much sounds like the most Keanu Reeves thing Keanu Reeves could possibly do. Nothing wrong with appreciating a bit of garbage! (That’s how I justify most of my exes to myself, anyway).

6. Bill Murray

It’s always a relief to hear that the funny people we look up to really are that hilarious in real life and they’re not just prompted by some unknown comedy writers. There’s one thing that annoys me about this though… What’s with the basketball???????

7. Sean Connery

Listen, if there’s one person’s foot you do not want to tread on… it’s probably Sean Connery’s aka Double Oh Freakin’ Seven. At least he was nice enough about it though, perhaps he was off duty that night?

8. Tom Hanks

The idea that Tom Hanks has ever said “no” to anyone, especially his own children, is kind of unnerving. Maybe he just wasn’t the biggest fan of Power Rangers? I mean, he was one of the most popular toys of the 90s himself, after all.

9. Bruce Willis

A very bold move, but a move you’d never forget you’d made. I mean, is there actually anything more satisfying than making a celebrity smile or laugh? No, no is the answer to that. And what if he had said YES?

10. Julia Roberts

Well, hey – if you’re going to get roasted for wearing a grotesque sweater, you may as well be roasted by Julia Freakin’ Roberts, amiright? Silver linings folks, silver linings.

11. Chris Evans

Would you honestly expect anything less from Captain America? No, of course, you wouldn’t. We salute you, Cap!

12. Robin Williams (No, Really)

There are just so many wonderful things mentioned in this story that I don’t even know where to begin. Do you see what I mean though? EVERYONE has an incredible interaction story every Robin Williams. Everyone.

13. Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is a whole MOOD in this Tweet. I too often find myself wandering around the Meatpacking District (minus the Maserati) screaming the lyrics to Roxane by the Police. Or pretty much everywhere else I may be, especially is alcohol is involved… I freakin’ LOVE that song.

14. Bjork

Yep, I 100% believe this was an authentic Bjork reaction. Legends say that you can fall completely under her spell after hearing just one soft note leave Bjork’s lips. It’s happened to me three times.