14 Pictures Of Cats Who Are Model Employees

As a very vocal dog lover, when it comes to writing I admittedly overlook all the other incredible animals out there, especially cats. It’s not that I don’t also love cats, it’s just that, well, I identify more of a “dog person” as they say, and so my love for canine often overshadows my love for felines too.

One of the great things about cats is that they’re super independent and are never too afraid to get their little paws dirty! Don’t believe me? Well, that’s fine, because I have PROOF! People from across the globe have been uploading pictures of hard-working kitties doing their best on the daily grind… and it is ADORABLE! Keep scrolling and see for yourself…

1. This Incredible Cat Nurse


“Rademenesa was diagnosed with an inflamed respiratory tract when he was 2 months old. He survived the ordeal and now lives at the animal shelter and keeps other sick animals company and tries to nurse them back to health.”

Had to start with possibly the most adorable of them all. This cat has suffered greatly, and now wants to comfort those who may be suffering too… 10/10 model employee!

2. Head Mousekeeper


3. “My Tow Truck Driver Has A Cat Named Dixie With A Matching Safety Vest.”


Honestly, if I knew there’d be a good chance of me seeing an adorable little kitty wearing a teeny tiny high-vis vest every time my car broke down, I’d make sure it broke down a LOT more often.

4. “You Come At The King, You Best Not Miss.”


Ah, nothing brings a group of people together more than shared outrage towards a council person… ESPECIALLY when it involves a beloved animal. It’s very clear who the winner in this battle was.

5. “I Was Once A Kitty In A Shelter & Now I’m A Cop. Chase Your Dreams. Signed, Pawfficer Donut.”


What an inspirational little role model for all the kitties around the world. Also, Pawfficer Donut? Could that BE any more adorable?

6. “This Stray Cat Snuck Into A Nursing Home, And Got A Job.”


If only it was that easy to get a job for the rest of us, eh? Then again, if I was going to a nursing home, or anywhere for that matter, I know I’d rather much see this friendly face than a moody human being one!

7. Top Cat Scan Assistant.


JUST LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE LITTLE CREATURE. He looks so happy to be involved, and he is SO ready to help out with all those “cat scans”. What I love most about this is that some wonderful person has 100% made a tiny hat and face mask for this little guy.

8. “Meet ‘Dirt’, The Nevada Railway Cat That Always Looks Like He Needs A Bath”


It usually makes me sad to see animals out and about and covered in muck and grime, but this little fella is totally rocking this look… and can we talk about what a perfect name “Dirt” is!? 10/10 would hire.

9. The Best Way To Advertise Your Garage Sale Nearby!


Now I’m not usually one for Garage Sales, but if I saw this little guy I’d be there in a FLASH> In fact, I’d probably follow this guy to the ends of the freakin’ earth!

10. This Security Guard Means Business


I don’t think this is a rule to be taken lightly… I know if I was a doggo I DEFINITELY would not want to mess with this guy!

11. A Very Dedicated Cockroach Manager


Look, it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it! And in all honesty, this little guy looks more than happy to take on the role.

12. Hardware Store Cat Is Skeptical Of Your Purchase.


Yep, this little guy is 100% onto you. He knows you’ve spent two full days watching YouTube videos on how to construct a four-grill outdoor BBQ grill from scratch and he has ZERO faith in you.

13. Colonel Mittens At Your Service!


Don’t let his furry exterior fool you, on the inside, this little guy is a bonafide terminating, protecting machine! I know I certainly feel much safer knowing he’s out there somewhere, looking out for us all.

14. Store Security


Make no mistake about this, this little guy TOTALLY saw you put that pack of gum in your pocket, and he WILL report you to the shop owner. Can’t get away with anything these days!