15 Adorable and Funny Dog Tweets To Make Your Day Better

15 Adorable and Funny Dog Tweets To Make Your Day Better

Dog person or cat person, we love our faithful furry friends so very much. Probably more than our human friends! Okay, so there’s no probably about it, we definitely love our golden noodles and our sausage dogs more than our moms. (Sorry mom.) There’s not much that can stop a doggo’s adorable face from cheering us up.

So we’ve compiled some of the most heart-warming tweets about man’s best friend to brighten your day. Get yourself settled down for some serious cuteness with high levels of floof on the way! Because, what else does anyone use social media for anyway?

1. Frida the Rescue Dog

Image: Twitter

Frida the Rescue Dog has officially retired this week after rescuing more than 50 people during her career! And these adorable photos of her being rewarded with a new toy could not be more heart-warming. She absolutely rocks that rescue outfit though – she should totally keep it.

2. Annie’s Hydrotherapy Disco

Image: Twitter

Annie the golden Labrador is a serious floof. Aside from when she’s working out to I’m Walking On Sunshine. Then she’s a dancing floof! Just look at her tearing up that dance-floor come treadmill with a goofy grin on her doggy face. I’m so happy she’s finding a way to make hydrotherapy fun!

3. Bath Time!

Image: Twitter

This puppy is having such a whale of a time in the tub! Anything becomes a toy when you’re this age – plastic bottles, rubber tires, actual toys, the bath faucets, the list goes on… We all wish there was a way of making bath time more fun.

4. Mona Lucy

Image: Twitter

This pooch is something of a born artist – she has a self-portrait on her ear and now she always has a friend wherever she goes. It’s almost like someone drew it on when she was a puppy… I’m naming no names here! Hopefully, she never catches sight of it and assumes there’s another dog in the room, that’s too much of a cat thing to do…

5. Rockabye Doggo

Image: Twitter

This doggo is testing out the park gym equipment and having an absolute ball. Nothing to see here folks, just working on my flawless abdominal muscles!

6. Fur Melt

Image: Reddit

Aw, look at this snoozing bull dog. Is dog fondue a thing? Clearly this sleepy dog came up with that all by himself.

7. Sad Ball

Image: Twitter

Poor Napa! We sure hope her favorite park opens again soon, that sad ball bopping is just too pitiful! Maybe her owner could stop filming and throw the ball already!

8. Slinky Dog

Image: Twitter

YES! Finally, a sausage dog I hear you cry! This slinky boi is the living incarnation of slinky from Toy Story in the flesh, or fur. Spying one of these long cuties when you are out and about is the height of anyone’s day.

9. BEAR!

Image: Twitter

This curly-haired pooch is loving watching a nature documentary on Yellowstone’s bears. “Look! Human! Bears! Bears in the living room! Quick! RUN!” Or something to that effect.

10. Mexican Stand Off

Image: Dogspotting via Facebook

Near far, wherever you are! Okay so many this one isn’t quite Titanic, but these two friendly floofs could totally be in Lady and the Tramp. Look at all the love as these friends lean out of the car windows to see each other. They will be sharing a giant plant of spaghetti at any minute, I’m sure…

11. Stylish Sausage

Image: Twitter

Bonus sausage dog! This mini dachshund is super stylish in his little raincoat, and look into those ginormous eyes – how could you not immediately rush out and find yourself a sausage dog?

12. Pool Party

Image: Twitter

Poor Ron! I sure hope some dog friends turn up soon for his pool party. He looks so sad! And soggy… Boy, that smell of wet dog is grim.

13. LOVE ME!

Image: Twitter

We all know a Waffles – that person, or, more likely, pet, who demands a little affection from time to time. This is one seriously grumpy diva dog though. He really likes a good old fuss and pamper session. Love me human!

14. Nap Time Now

Image: Twitter

We can empathize with Lenny. The moment the party’s over, straight to bed wherever ‘bed’ might be!

15. Wrong End of the Stick

Image: Twitter

Okay, so I love sausage dogs more than your average dog lover. But look how majestic he is. This dog is all about the stick size, maybe he’s overcompensating for something… like, his legs! Run little sausage, run.

We sure love our canine friends and this compilation shows just how adorable and entertaining these little and large doggos can be!