15 Hilarious Memes About How Ridiculous Job Interviews Are

15 Hilarious Memes About How Ridiculous Job Interviews Are

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than a job interview? Aside from maybe a blind date with your best friend’s-babysitter’s-brother’s-plumber, Dave. But this economy especially, it seems like it’s harder and harder to actually even make it to the interview stage, never mind getting through to the interview itself.

Reportedly, the average time spent by recruitment managers for analyzing a resume is 5 to 7 seconds. But if you do happen to be one of the lucky “chosen ones”, what that mostly means is now you have to spend sometimes weeks completely DREADING being grilled for 30 whole minutes (if that) by a bunch of professional-looking people in a cramped office while being incredibly aware that there are probably 50 other people out there all trying to fill the ONE opening they have.  Fun fun FUN!

Anyway, BoredPanda has very generously compiled a list of hilarious job interview related memes in hope of helping you ease that foreboding sense of dread, even if it is just by a smidge. Enjoy!

1. He’s Not Wrong.

This honestly makes me wonder if it has ever happened at some point? I knew I should have made friends with more hackers growing up… darn it!

2. Liar Liar


Hands up if you’ve never lied on your resume! Nobody? Didn’t think so. In all honesty, though even if this little cutie had lied, I’d still hire him anyway because… well, LOOK AT HIM.

3. Honest To A Fault


Let’s not be delusional here, most people work just so they don’t, y’know, die. Did anybody grow up wanting to clean up after everybody? No. But does cleaning up after everybody allows many people to live some sort of life? You betcha.

4. I Have A Very Particular Set Of Skills…


I don’t know about you, but there is literally NOTHING I won’t put on my resume these days. I once looked after my neighbors’ dog for two days when I was 16 and “Proficient in extensive animal care” has been on my resume every since.

5. It’s Not Just Us Who Have It Tough…

You think pigeons just grow up and get to do whatever job they want? Heck no. This guy is clearly trying to get in good with the “Fats Food Foragers Unlimited” group. Good luck pal!


6. Bold Move


They always say that the best policy is honest… but when it comes to job interviews I personally beg to differ. Yikes.

7. Strengths And Weaknesses.

The most dreaded job interview question of all time: What would you say are your biggest strengths/weaknesses? It doesn’t matter what you say, it ALWAYS feels like you’ve said the wrong thing.

8. Are You Experienced Enough Though?


I’d love to be able to laugh at this one, I really would… but how can you laugh at something that is just so tragically TRUE!? It seems as though literally every company these days wants you to be fully trained, have nine degrees, 70 years of experience, proficient in EVERYTHING… but also be 20 years old and willing to work for minimum pay. Outrageous.

9. I See What You Did There…

It’s also very important to really think about how you answer the questions being asked of you. Then again, if I was interviewing someone and they started to do some sort of interpret dance… I would literally hire them on the spot.



Damn, now THAT’S a skill. I honestly don’t see how this would NOT be helpful in the daily workplace. Making tea and coffees for everybody would be an absolute SCREAM.

11. He’s Got You There…


Loopholes folks, it’s all about finding those freakin’ loopholes and using them to your advantage… in absolutely any way you possibly can.

12. Creativity Is Key.

Pretty much anything can pass off as being “creative” these days as long as you act confident enough when you’re doing… well, whatever the heck you need to do in order to impress a bunch of people.

13. Pretty Much

Where’s the lie though? Because I don’t see one here. Not one at all. They do all look SUPER adorable though… so I guess that’s something.

14. Always Be Prepared… Or Not, Whatever.


Look – sometimes it doesn’t matter HOW hard we prepare for a job interview, when you actually get there your mind betrays you by going completely blank and you end up spouting absolute garbage, just hoping that at least some of what you’re saying sounds even vaguely impressive (it doesn’t).

15. Born For The Job

And then there are some people who were just born to do something… or are just way more clever than anybody else applying for that particular job. It all depends on how you spin it, folks. Good luck out there!