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15 Things You Didn't Know About American Beauty Pageants - Aunty Acid

15 Things You Didn’t Know About American Beauty Pageants

Beauty Pageants have been an American staple for almost a century. But here are 15 interesting facts we bet you didn’t know about American Pageants!

15. 2.5M Women in US Beauty Pageants Each Year

Beauty Pageants wouldn’t exist without the millions of women who participate. 

Over 2 million contestants join a beauty pageant of some kind every year. Usually, the prizes range from, school scholarships, money, and being able to brag about being a ‘Beauty Queen’.



14. 100M US Beauty Pageants Each Year

There are 100 million pageants each year in the United States of America. So, it doesn’t look like the industry will be disappearing anytime soon.

Even young children, as young as a few months old, are able to compete in the hopes of winning a title. 


13. 72% of Contestants Hire a Pageant Coach

Beauty pageants are taken seriously by the contestants, most of which even hire a Pageant Coach, in hopes that they will win with their help.

Approximately 72% of Miss America contestants hire a personal coach to give them advice on what will work for them and what doesn’t. This includes being told what to wear, what to say, and how to speak.


12. 6% of Contestants Suffer From Depression

It takes a certain kind of person to compete in beauty pageants, including Miss America. It’s rare for a contestant to show off a ‘real’ personality, many of which portray themselves to be happy and well-adjusted young women.

Only 6% of Miss America contestants self-identify as suffering from depression.


11. California, Ohio and Oklahoma Win Most In America

If you want to win Miss America, try to represent California, Ohio, and Oklahoma, as these are the state that has often won Miss America.


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