16 Tweets Of The Most Surreal Celebrity Encounters That Have Ever Happened

16 Tweets Of The Most Surreal Celebrity Encounters That Have Ever Happened

Celebrities – these magical creatures who live on our tv, cinema and laptop screens. It’s safe to say that as a culture, we are completely and utterly obsessed with them – what they’re wearing, who they’re dating, what food they eat, where they live, their pets… the list goes on. We’re SO obsessed with these god-like beings that most of the time we forget that they are actually real people (I know! What a wild concept).

Because of this, if we ever get the chance to actually experience meeting a celebrity in real life, we kind of lose our minds… especially when it means we get a sneaky glimpse into who they really are. In fact, it can be absolutely freakin’ surreal.

Michael Segalov took to Twitter to find out if he’s the only who had surreal encounters with celebrities. Turns out he isn’t. His tweet went viral and people began sharing their own thrilling experiences. Scroll below to read them!


1. Poetic.

I mean, you really can’t get a better compliment than that, can you? Literally everything Maya Angelou was complete and utter poetry… even when she wasn’t really trying.

2.  Good-Guy Stephen Fry.

Can you IMAGINE? You’d never need another reference ever again, all you’d have to write on your CV or resume is “100% Stephen Fry Approved” and you’d be set for LIFE.

3. Wish Granted.

People do often say that if you talk about something enough you can end up speaking it into existence, and it certainly seemed the freakin’ case here! I’m going to start saying “I would love to be a billionaire” 1000 times a day.

4. Mistaken Identity.

This one’s pretty funny, I mean, how do you not realize that you are literally talking to the God of Hollywood? I can’t COPE.

5. Fall Over Like Beckham.

Hey, if you’re gonna get hit by a car, you may as well be hit by a car that’s being driven by Victoria Beckham, am I right?

6. The Greatest.

What an incredible story to be able to tell! Not only did you get to shake the hands of The Greatest,  but he also referred to you as a little white boy. AMAZING.

7. The Most Sensational, Inspirational.

Okay now I don’t want to sound overly dramatic here but if I met Gonzo, or literally ANY of the Muppets, I would absolutely DIE. Talk about a dream freakin’ come true!

8. Humperdink Silverclatch

I mean, who knew dancing with a Celebrity was literally just as easy as walking up to them and saying “HEY YOU WANNA DANCE?”. Just another piece of evidence that proves Benedict Cumberbatch is a treasure and we must protect him at all costs.

9. What A Wild Ride.

Okay well, this one nearly made my head fall off. Imagine being lucky enough to not only get to ride in an elevator with ONE amazing celebrity (aka Billy Crystal) and BUT incredibly amazing celebrities (aka Robin Williams). I’ll be requesting a copy of that CCTV footage IMMEDIATELY.

10. I’ll Be… Right Here.

See, Celebrities have a sense of humor too! And hey, if you’re gonna get trapped in an elevator, you may as well be trapped in one with Arnold FREAKIN’ Schwarzenegger, right?

11. Pinterest.


12.  The Mandela Effect.

What an absolutely incredible experience to have. It’s nice to hear that Nelson Mandela truly did practice what he preached… not that there was literally EVER any doubt.

13. We Miss You, Robin.

The loss of Robin Williams still affects me to this day. He seems to be one of the few celebrities who nobody ever has a bad word to say after an interaction with them. A true legend.

14. Caught Out.

WHOOPS, okay, so, this celebrity encounter isn’t quite like the others on the list, but hey, when you get a chance to yell at Bruce Willis out of a window at a gas station, it’d be rude not to take it… right?

15. Dali Had A Sweet Tooth.

I honestly wouldn’t even know how to react in this situation. Can you imagine delivering a package to Salvador Dali!? What an excellent encounter (I’d totally try and get a glimpse to see if he was editing the paintings in his hotel room).

16. Close Encounters Of The Hilarious Kind.

Damn, I’ve really gotta start hanging out in more elevators… you never freakin’ know who you might meet! True to form, Robin Williams never misses a beat when it comes to being absolutely hilarious… that’s one way to pass time while you’re at the doctor if anything!