17 Nifty Ways To Clean Up Your Messy Fridge

Your fridge is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. It keeps the majority of our food edible for long periods of time, and it keeps our milk and fruit juices perfectly cold.

If our fridge is messy and unclean, it can lead to a higher risk of food poisoning. An unsatisfied fridge can put you at high risk of food poisoning as well as other health risks.


Finding the time to clean the fridge, and thinking of ways to keep it tidy can be hard. But luckily for you here are 17 nifty tricks to help keep your fridge clean and tidy.

Chalkboard Fridge Front

Cover the front of your fridge in chalkboard paint so you can easily keep a note of what you need from the store, and what the family is having for dinner.



Dry Eraser Pens

If you don’t want to paint a chalkboard or can’t afford to do it then there’s another nifty trick you can use. Simply use a dry erase marker to write on your fridge. This means you can keep track of what you have in the fridge. Just be sure not to use permanent markers!


Create An “Eat Me First” Basket

Perishable foods can be a difficult thing to keep track of. It’s really easy for us to forget about them, especially when they’re in the fridge. If you want to stop worrying about your food going bad create an “Eat Me First” basket. This is where you can place what needs to be eaten first. It helps minimize food waste.


Snack Zone

Kids love snacks. If you have kids, that love going through the fridge looking for something to eat and are always leaving a mess, then why not create a snack basket or snack zone. You can fill it with healthy snack options like yogurt, nuts, and fruit.


Freezer Storage

To create space in your freezer, place a magazine holder in the freezer on its side. It will act like a built in freezer shelf. Perfect for a small freezer!


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