20 Things To Look Forward To While Going Through The Menopause

People might tell you it’s perfectly natural and that it’s ‘all part of being a woman,’ but you know the truth. When you hit the menopause, it’s like hell on earth and then some. From growing hair on your chinny-chin-chin to gaining a few (hundred) extra pounds, this is quite possibly the worst time of your life. Here are some things you will definitely get!


1. You start to cry at daytime TV shows


All those hormones rushing around your body are causing you to go a little cuckoo, which means that you cry at basically anything. URGH.

2. You find hair in the most random places.

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When you start finding hair on your chin, you know that things are not going to plan. For some silly reason, the menopause makes you grow hair in the most ridiculous of places. Yeah, because that seems fair.

3. Sleeping at night is basically impossible


Menopause insomnia is a real thing and it’s horrible. When everyone else has gone to sleep, you’re still awake… You lie there wondering why you’re so hot and why you can’t sleep.

4. You want chocolate… all the chocolate


When you finally gat a minute to yourself, all you can think about is eating all the chocolate in the world. You find yourself daydreaming about it all the time, but know that there will never be enough chocolate to fill the void.

5. And then, you start gaining weight like crazy


Maybe it’s the fact that you just devoured twenty chocolate bars or maybe it’s the fact that your metabolism has retired… Either way, you start to gain weight like mad!

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