20 Times People Were Surprised By The Jerks They Encountered

20 Times People Were Surprised By The Jerks They Encountered

The world is full of amazing, good-hearted people but like anything, you can’t get all good and no bad! We’ve compiled a list of some of the worst, disgusting and most inconsiderate things caused by humans who, quite frankly, missed the evolution memo!

If you’ve ever felt guilty about acting like an a**hole in your life, it might comfort you to know that there are worse people out there…

These guys need a freakin’ wake up call!

1. Parents And Children Messing Up The Toy Aisle

This is absolutely not acceptable! These parents and children decided that it would be okay to leave a toy aisle at the store in this destructive state – not even a thought for the poor staff who have to clean this up!

2. Leaving Bottles Of Urine In The Trash

Not only is this extremely unhygienic, but some people have actually reached a level of laziness where they can’t even go to the bathroom anymore. Disgusting!

3. Trashing The Movie Theatre

These movie-goers didn’t spare a thought for the staff after deciding to drop most of their popcorn and drinks onto the floor of the movie theatre.

Did any of it even go into their mouths? Awful!

4. This Person Thought It Would Be Okay To Park There

If this driver ever finds themself in an emergency, let’s hope someone else was considerate enough to park in front of the ONLY pathway for them.


5. This Person’s Dirty Feet Resting On The Armrest

Excuse me while I go and vomit! This person not only needs lessons in etiquette but also personal hygiene. Ever heard of soap? Ewwww!

6. This Lady Sitting On A Crate Of Apples In The Supermarket

Now I understand why it’s so important to wash your fruit before you eat it. What on earth was she thinking?!

7. This Kid Watching A Movie On Full Volume In A Restaurant

This young man’s parents are sat right beside him and are just allowing him to watch a movie on full blast in a public place!

Bad parenting at its finest.

8. This Girl Destroying Plants To Get The ‘Perfect Instagram Pics’

Even after being told repeatedly to stop, this girl continued to stomp over plants in a conservatory to get Instagram shots.

If humanity is reaching a point where socially constructed photography is more important than morals and real life, we are most definitely screwed!

9. In A Store, This Girl Licked A Tub Of Ice Cream And Put It Back

Who raised this girl to believe that this kind of behaviour is acceptable? Disgusting! I hope she was forced to pay for it.

10. This Person Thought It Was Okay To Destroy A Kids’ Soccer Field

This field, which is paid to be maintained by the local neighbourhood, was destroyed after someone decided that it would be a good idea to ride through it with a truck.

11. This Woman Took The One Fan In A Crowded, Hot Room And Used It To Cool Her Lady Parts

I am beyond words at this one…how can you even sit there in front of a whole group of people and do that?! It blows my mind to think people can be this inconsiderate and oblivious.

12. The Trash Can Was FOUR FEET Away!

Seriously? Are you freakin’ kidding me? Whoever did this needs to seriously reevaluate themselves!

13. This Neighbour Who Thought Parking Like This Would Be Okay…

The poor owner(s) of spot 111B must be absolutely fuming!

14. Throwing Community Electric Scooters Into A River

How about we stop throwing things into the river and think about maybe trying to save the planet that we all live on?!

15. These Girls Taking Up Two Seats While There Are People Stood Up

These young ladies clearly have no consideration for all the train passengers who were forced to stand up because of the lack of seats…

16. This Guy Tossing His Garbage Into The Aisle Of The Plane

Nice. I’m sure that won’t be a safety hazard or make life difficult for the flight attendants at all!

17. This Woman Trying To Cut In Line


18. Don’t Mind Me, It’s Not Like I Have Anywhere To Be

This unfortunate driver found themselves stuck in a horrifically dangerous traffic incident after these careless drivers decided to run through a green light.

What’s that smell? Ah yes, stupidity!

19. Three People Taking Up Twelve Seats

Yeah no worries guys, you just get comfortable! We actually like being stood on our feet for eight hours straight. Maybe you’d like a foot rub too?

20. This Woman Resting Her Legs Over Chairs

Don’t look to your left, little girl. It’s not a pretty sight! It is actually unbelievable that this woman thinks this is okay to do.