A Home Was Abandoned In 1939. 70 Years Later, You Won’t BELIEVE What They Find!

In 1939 a stunning vintage apartment was abandoned in Paris. Astonishingly, seventy years later, an auctioneer finally rediscovered its wonders and found works of art that are worth millions and millions of pound. Nice!



Madame de Florian was23 when she abandoned the apartment, she left because it was the start of the World War II and she received word that German soldiers were invading paris.

She fled with her friends and family leaving all of her belongings behind.


She headed south to safety.


She never returned to the apartment, but continued to pay the rent. In 2010 she passed away age 91. It was only after she died that relatives learnt of the heirs they had inherited.


They hired an auctioneer named Olivier Choppin-Janvry to take value the left over belongings.


When they opened the door his entire team were speechless.

It was filled with hidden treasures. The dining area was full of dishes and glassware. the artwork had been removed from the walls, but she never got chance to transport them.

art_found_in_paris_apartment_that_was_vacant_since_1939_0 art_found_in_paris_apartment_that_was_vacant_since_1939_7 art_found_in_paris_apartment_that_was_vacant_since_1939_9 art_found_in_paris_apartment_that_was_vacant_since_1939_3 art_found_in_paris_apartment_that_was_vacant_since_1939_5

Marthe was a well known Parisian actress, who lived a luxurious lifestyle. A collection of love letters were found off several Prime Ministers and Presidents of France.

Marthe was a a subject of Giovanni’s paintings, further evidence showed that the two were actually lovers.

The portrait he did of Marthe sold for £2.36 million dollars after it was discovered in the abandoned apartment. It was the most valuable of any of Giovanni’s works.


Amazing, right?

Watch the video below:

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