Adorable Welfare Cats Debit and Credit Boost Employee Morale

A transportation company in Ohio have ‘hired’ two adorable little kittens, Debit and Credit, to boost employee morale in the office. We all know that office work can be full of mindless tasks – filing, phone answering, stashing as many pens as possible into your desk drawer in case there’s a sudden rush on the stationary cupboard – so this company decided to introduce some feline friends into the mix!

Employee welfare has never been far from the headlines recently. More than ever before, employees are relying on sick days and taking extended leave due to mental ill-health triggered by excessive stress. Some companies have started offering their employees a set number of mental health days, where they can take time off to focus on de-stressing and addressing any mental health dips before they become a real problem.

But this office in Ohio have taken their employee welfare to a whole new level with these fluffy feline office workers!

The company hopes the kittens will boost office morale and provide a valuable opportunity for workers to destress on the job. Introduced on Reddit by a co-worker, the kittens are brother and sister and were photographed playing with an empty box. So, here are Credit and Debit:

Images: Instagram ourofficekittens

These fluff monsters are residents at the office, staying there overnight, and are visited by office workers at the weekend for cuddles and playtime. What’s more of a stress buster than a bit of feline fun?

Hello is it meow you’re looking for?

The kittens have also gone viral online after a co-worker shared a video of them playing and wrestling over an empty cardboard box – it’s the simple things in life really, isn’t it?

Credit and Debit now also have their own Instagram channel ‘Our Office Kittens’ where the office workers share all of the kittens furry high tails and hijinx!

Time for a cat nap… Sleeping on the job!

Over the past few years, more and more companies have begun to introduce animals in the workplace. Behavioural psychologist, Lotte Spijkerman has recently conducted research on the psychological benefits of pet ownership of cats and dogs.

“They reduce stress and increase productivity, mainly because they interact with you of their own accord and, when they pop over to your work station, it’s a good reminder that you might need to take a break.”

Indeed, leading UK universities such as Oxford and Cambridge also introduced puppy therapy as a recurring feature of their student welfare event calendar over the past few years. The Union, Cambridge, organized a local guide dog charity to come into the university students’ union centre with some guide dog puppies for the students to pet and play with. The events allow trainers to socialize the guide dog puppies in training, helping them to keep the vivacious little fluffs focused when they begin serious training. The students, meanwhile, get lots of cuddles and fun with man’s best friend, alleviating stress in exam season!

Snuggle Time!

However, there are some logistical nightmares created by having the furry friends running riot at the office! Rubber band balls and paper shredding aside, about 30% of the American population is allergic to cats and employers have health and safety responsibilities to consider. In the case of Debit and Credit, their office ‘colleagues’ are a small team. The employee who manages their social media channels said:

“My building is small—there are only 6 of us. One of them is allergic, but she doesn’t care. The others stay in another building.”

Sounds like the purr-fect compromise to me!

On Reddit, Debit and Credit have made quite a stir, with people wondering how anyone at the office got any work done with two gorgeous kittens dashing around! One user suggested the cats should have a live feed and others asked whether the office was hiring any new friends for the kittens. I’d certainly love to see more welfare moggies making it over the pond to the UK!

Image: Reddit

The two kittens have a habit of curling up together on the boss’ desk and chasing the paper as it feeds through the printer. My cat only just about manages to join in with team video calls, so I think she could learn a thing or two from these high energy office workers! With all the love and affection Credit and Debit are bringing to the office, surely these two charming moggies will be up for promotion soon?