Avoid Eating Out At These Disgusting Restaurants

Avoid Eating Out At These Disgusting Restaurants

There’s nothing worse than eating at a gross restaurant. Judging from our collection of restaurants that you totally don’t want to go anywhere near, health and food standards seem to have gone out of the window. These restaurant horror stories will make you cringe and wonder whether anywhere is still safe to eat! From rats running around the kitchen, to unsanitary ‘naked’ food prep, these photos of actual restaurants will make you gasp in horror. Maybe don’t eat anything while you read on…

1. The Naked Chef

Image: Reddit

Urghh that’s so grim. Where are his chef whites? And why, just why? It’s not quite what I had in mind when I checked out the Naked Chef cookbooks.

2. Set To Thaw

Image: Reddit

Top tip for defrosting chicken: do it inside! Preferably in a fridge, or at least something vaguely sanitary. I’m really hoping that this restaurant is feeding stray cats and dogs and not serving chicken a la garbage to its customers…

3. Handy Man, Bad Chef

Image: Instagram

This restaurant serves up its chilli con carne with spare parts attached. That’s a sure fire way to rust the screws right there. I wonder if you get a special prize for finding the missing bolt?

4. Toilet Humor, Not So Funny

Image: Reddit

You definitely don’t want to use the bathroom at this place. And I really hope it is as far away from the kitchen as possible! This is one of those photos where you just have to ask why are people so gross?

5. More Toilet Humor

Image: Reddit

Euwww! This one is even worse. Why did they feel like they had to draw an illustration? If you weren’t already put off by the bad food, this bathroom illustration would certainly make you loose your appetite all together! I just hope that isn’t a depiction of what eating the food makes you do…

6. RATS!

Image: Reddit

Are we really that surprised that this fast food restaurant has rats? I mean, all that fried food sitting around, it’s bound to attract some unwanted attention… Very much not okay though. I don’t want to find any unexpected ‘currents’ in my curly fries.

7. Mice in the Kitchen

A real life version of Ratatouille is just a bit disgusting. Non-animated critters really aren’t as cute as Remy and certainly can’t cook as well…

8. Pesticide Juices

Image: Twitter

This cook is a man of all trades, including spraying pesticides out front while still wearing his chef’s apron! Now that isn’t going to go down well with the health authorities. Having excess poisonous chemicals dripping into the food probably isn’t quite how any chef wants to flavor the food.

9. Overdose Cafe

Image: imgur

Well, this restaurant has clearly seen it all. Maybe they could start running a clean needle exchange on the side?

10. Protect Your Staff

Image: Reddit

This sign is hardly an encouragement to work a Saturday job at this restaurant. I wonder how many incidents they had before they decided to start vaccinating staff and why it was necessary to begin with?!

11. Smart Server

Image: Reddit

To be honest, that’s just a smart way of making ends meet. Serving in a restaurant has to be one of the most underpaid jobs out there, and clearly this woman has come up with a great side hustle to make rent. Always tip your waitresses, folks!

12. You Don’t Want To Know What That Is

Image: Reddit

These restaurant staff got caught on camera tipping a giant vat of grease down the drain. You really don’t want to know what they have cooked in that…

13. I Smell Feet

Image: Reddit

If you are one of those people who get grossed out by feet, definitely don’t go anywhere near this restaurant! They really need to come up with a system for reaching high cupboards, like a ladder, or at least put gloves on their feet…

14. What Do They Put In The Food

Image: Reddit

This chef must have been getting experimental with recipes. I’m just glad the restaurant is now closing earlier. It gives them less time in which to serve any customers who don’t lose their appetite looking at that sign.

15. Fake Reviewer

Image: Reddit

Perhaps all of the above disgusting restaurants are just falling foul of this guy, the online restaurant snake who tries to get a free meal by posting awful fake reviews! We can only hope so because nos. 1-14 are clearly downright dangerous places to eat… So next time you’re thinking about dining out but really need to save money instead, come back to this article and remind yourself of all the reasons not to eat out!