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Here's What Lavender From 'Matilda' Looks Like Now! - Aunty Acid

Here’s What Lavender From ‘Matilda’ Looks Like Now!

Back in the 90s, there were a whole load of epic movies. I happen to think that this was something of a golden era when it comes to cinema. One of my (and everyone else’s) favorites has to be Matilda. This was a movie I watched over and over and over again!


There was just something so fascinating about the idea of having magical powers. It’s no wonder that so many children loved this film.

I always got so teary at the end when Matilda finally got to live with the teacher. It was a beautiful moment and shows that good things happen to good people.

Have you ever wondered what the cast are up to now? We’ve got the inside scoop on what one of the very lovely little girls from the film is doing.

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