THIS Is What It Means If You See Men With One Painted Nail

If you’ve ever seen men walking around with one painted nail, you may think their little girl was playing around, painting daddy’s nail, however, this isn’t the reason. Most likely they are not just making a fashion statement, either.

The chances are, these men are participating in the Polished Man campaign, an organization which strives to raise awareness about children who have suffered some sexual abuse.  It was a man named Elliot Costello who ventured to Cambodia and met a little girl, Thea with an extraordinary story. After meeting Thea, Elliot knew he had to do something, and so he set up the Polished Man campaign.


The meaning of one painted nail.

Thea lived in a very deprived part of Cambodia and came from a family living in severe poverty. Thea took a shining to Elliot and the two became very close. Eventually, Thea felt comfortable enough to tell Elliot a very dark secret that she had been keeping all her life.

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