Mom Kicked Out Of Pool For Breastfeeding So A Group Of Moms Started Breastfeeding There Too

Mom Kicked Out Of Pool For Breastfeeding So A Group Of Moms Started Breastfeeding There Too

Folks, say hello to Misty Daugereaux. Now, Misty is a pretty wonderful lady – she’s not only a registered nurse, but she’s also a devoted wife and doting mother of two little monsters. I think we can all agree, she has a pretty precious family, and Misty herself, like I said, seems pretty darn wonderful too, wouldn’t you agree? Good.

WELL, believe it or not, this wonderful woman went through a pretty traumatic experience recently. Y’see, while she was out spending time with her beloved husband and her adorable children – y’know, some good quality family time – well, Misty was asked to physically leave a public pool.

Why? You may be wondering. Whatever could this lovely lady have done to warrant such a thing? Well, folks, she had the absolute AUDACITY to breastfeed her 10-month-old son. I KNOW. Some people, am I right?

Misty Daugereaux / BuzzFeed

Misty herself named and shamed the public pool in question while speaking to Buzzfeed about the whole experience. She explained she was at the Nessler Park Family Aquatic Center , which is located in Texas, with her 4-year-old son Noah, 10-month-old son Maxx, and 4-year-old nephew Roman in the kids’ play area. The NERVE of this lady!

(I hope you all realize I am being very, very sarcastic here, by the way.)

“At some point, Maxx decided he wanted to nurse. I conveniently had on a bathing suit with a peephole in my chest, so I just slid the hole to one side and allowed him to latch. He quickly got distracted and decided he was done.”

Misty Daugereaux / BuzzFeed

Not thinking much of the whole thing – because, as you and I both know, breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the entire world – Misty soon nursed her son again. And that is when the proverbial cr*p hit the proverbial fan.

A lifeguard approached Misty from behind while she was still tending to her small child, and rudely asked her if she was breastfeeding. She recalls:

“I stated ‘yes’ and he responded, ‘You can’t do that here, this is a public pool.’ I stood up, turned around, and told him, ‘Oh yes I can!'”

Misty Daugereaux / BuzzFeed

Alas, the lifeguard, who was ever-so-insistent, said she absolutely could NOT breastfeed and soon, of course, the manager was then called over. Misty then says that the manager told her:

‘This is a public pool and you have to be covered.’ She [the manager] told me it was their policy and if I didn’t follow the rules, I would have to leave.”

How ridiculous.

Misty Daugereaux / BuzzFeed


Misty continues:

“I told her to show me the policy that states I can’t breastfeed my son there and I would gladly leave the park. She then told me, ‘I’m the manager and I’m asking you to leave.'”

Ah, that good ole “I’m the manager” card. Effective 0.05% of the time.

Misty says she decided not to leave (because why freakin’ should she?), but to get out of the water and sit in the chairs instead. A short time later, she saw a police officer talking to the manager. A POLICE OFFICER!!!

“He walked over and asked me what happened, so I explained it to him.”

Misty says the cop told her the manager of the pool was requesting that she leave. Yeah, no duh.

Misty Daugereaux / BuzzFeed

After the uncomfortable, and unnecessary encounter with the officer, Misty says she was too afraid to stand her ground out of fear of getting arrested in front of her children, which is fair enough. Can you actually IMAGINE though!? Arrested for BREASTFEEDING? This world is completely cracked.

Anyway, she continued;

“I grabbed my bag and took the boys out of the water and headed out. As we were waking out, my tot asked, ‘Momma, why won’t that cop let you feed Maxx?’ At that point, I lost it and started crying inconsolably.”

“In my four years of nursing, I have never experienced anything of the sort… nor have I witnessed anything like it. While it was happening, I just kept telling myself to stay calm and be respectful,” she recalls. “I felt defeated and ashamed that I wasn’t able to stand my ground. I knew I had the right to breastfeed my son, yet I allowed someone to make me feel less than I was. I felt weak.”

Honey – we have ALL been there.

Misty says when she got home her son told her husband and mother-in-law what happened and they were both very upset.

“My husband suggested that I post what happened on social media in a mom’s group I’m in, so I did.” 

And thank the universe for the Moms of the internet! Unsurprisingly, the incident quickly got the attention of other moms in the group.

Misty Daugereaux / BuzzFeed

The next morning, a group of moms got together to do a “nurse-in” (amazing) in front of the pool in support of Misty… and of course, any other woman out there who has been made to feel ashamed for taking care of her own freakin’ children.

When Misty arrived, she said the love and support was absolutely overwhelming.

“I didn’t even know a single mom there, and am forever grateful for every message, text, and call that I have received in a show of support,” she says.

Misty Daugereaux / BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed has reportedly reached out to Nessler Park Family Aquatic Center for comment – but until then, watch this space! Remember, however, that you 100% have a right to feed your kids however you want, whenever you want and wherever you want and you should NEVER be made to feel ashamed or intimated by doing so.