Ricky Gervais Hits Out At Spanish Festival Where People Wrestle With Wild Horses

Ricky Gervais Hits Out At Spanish Festival Where People Wrestle With Wild Horses

We can all admit that sometimes we have those days where all we can feel is annoyance. Some more than others – hey, I’m not just talking about me!

Now – trust me when I say this – if you’re one of those people who gets annoyed easily… you should really stop reading now. No, wait – actually you NEED to see this to believe it.

Firstly, let me say this – it’s not my fault some people are freakin’ morons. A sentiment that the British comedian Ricky Gervais seems to share with me.

A video has emerged of men and women wrestling dozens of wild horses in Sabucedo – a town in Spain – before aggressively cutting their tails and manes off – didn’t I tell you some people are freakin’ morons?!

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The brutal treatment of the semi-feral horses takes place at a festival each year – thankfully, Ricky Gervais has spoken out for us all, turning to Twitter to deem to event ‘absolute filth’ – and I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Footage from the festival – named ‘Rapa das Bestas’ (translated as ‘Capture of the Beasts’) reveals an audience of hundreds cheering as the captured animals are forced to the floor by numerous participants before their manes and tails are cut off.

Wrestling to heavy animals is viewed as a test of will power and strength by the locals.

Many people consider the festival to be an example of animal abuse, including Ricky Gervais, who tweeted to express his opinion:
‘Absolute filth’.
In response to his tweet, one person commented:

“Just when ye think you’ve seen the worst sh*** on this planet, via SM [social media], here’s the latest contenders for c***s of the week!”

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Another added:

“If only the horses knew to kick them square in the head, this would be a very different, much more entertaining video.”

A third wrote:

“I hate everything single human there… absolutely disgusting… makes my blood boil.”

Ah, well nothing brings a group of people together more than a mutual outrage towards certain people… ESPECIALLY when it involves a beloved animal.

I know what you’re thinking, how can any human possibly defend the harsh treatment of these poor, innocent creatures? But some did try to justify the event…

“Ok, I’ll just try to explain this: it’s not wrestling it’s cutting the manes of wild horses, mending their wounds and removing lice and other parasites. After that they are freed again. It may seem Wild but horses are not hurt in any way, or at least that’s not the aim.”

Another social media user agreed:

“They are not wrestling. These are wild horses and they are cutting their horsehair for the heat summer. The horses are freed after. F***ing ignorants.”

The event isn’t the only one in Spain to cause controversy over the weekend, the ‘Running of the Bulls’ event was also held in Pamplona, where bulls are taunted to make them panic and chase down cobbled streets.

According the animal rights organisation PETA, participants in the festival run alongside the animals, hitting and prodding them. Unbelievably, the poor bulls are devastatingly stabbed to death in bullfighting areas.

At this event, a group of protesters prepared a ‘crime scene’ where animal rights activists posed as bulls with banderillas – weapons used to stab the bulls – sticking out of their backs.

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Some people questioned whether the festivals revealed a problem of Spanish culture, but this claim was quickly shut down. One person commented defending Spanish attitudes:

“I find these ‘traditions’ horrible, but it amazes me that many people like to say Spaniards are evil when only a very small percentage of Spaniards take part in these stupid traditions.”