10+ People Who’ve Gone Shopping And Couldn’t Give A Sh*t Anymore

10+ People Who’ve Gone Shopping And Couldn’t Give A Sh*t Anymore

Don’t get me wrong, shopping isn’t exactly my favourite chore – well, unless it’s for shoes. But when it comes to getting in the food shop, I’d much rather hire a personal assistant to play hunter gatherer.

Luckily, these weird and wonderful humans have shown that they really don’t give a damn what people think and so have made shopping a helluva lot more interesting.

We’ve all spotted them on our trips to Walmart, the ones who just do their own thing as if no one else can see them. Well, we see you. But we’re not always judging you.

All humans are different and whilst some would rather fade into the background, others are born to stand out. Personally, I love both types, but the latter certainly never fail to make us all cackle.

These people will definitely tickle you with their weird and wonderful ways.

When Your Favorite Flavour Is Right At The Bottom

We all just want that double chocolate ice cream and this woman has figured out exactly how to get it!

A woman’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

(Image Source: BrightSide)

Who’s Going To Tell Him It’s On Back To Front?

I feel like his nipples are making eye contact… Did he really choose to wear it that way? This one is seriously disconcerting.

(Image Source: BrightSide)

When You’re Too Small to Reach The Top Shelves

The trolley makes it look like she’s shopping but really, she just can’t walk in those monstrosities without support.

I think I’d be more likely to nip the shops in my slippers than those bad boys.

(Image Source: BrightSide)

Here Comes The… *Clean Up On Aisle 3* … Bride

I spy Walmart. Just where you want to start your wedding day. I’m guessing the booze in the trolley is for the reception. And I thought I did things last minute.

(Image Source/Instagram)

What Could He Possibly Need That Many For?

If you’re familiar with Dirty Dancing, you’ll know Baby carried a watermelon. Well step aside, cos this guy carried a helluva lot more!

Either his diet consists of solely watermelon or he’s about to play a pretty intense game of Fruit Ninja. Either way, I’m intrigued.

(Image Source/Instagram)

How I Look During A Hangover

Shopping can really take it out of you, especially in the giant universe that is Costco. So can we really blame this poor woman for taking a quick nap?

She’s made herself quite at home with no shoes on and a book on her lap. A bit too far? Potentially…

(Image Source/Instagram)

That Awkward Moment When You Run Out Of Wrapping Paper

We’ve all been there, wrapping presents at the last minute on Christmas Eve and we run out of wrapping paper.

Well, apparently Santa has the same problem. Turns out, he’s just like us.

(Image Source/Instagram)

This Guy Is Just EGGcited To Be Out The House

We all have trouble leaving our beloved pets at home. It breaks our heart to see the look of confusion in their eyes when we step out the door.

But a chicken? What if it sees his more unfortunate friends? Things could get awkward.

(Image Source: BrightSide)

You Never Know Where You’re Going To Meet Your Princess

This Frog Prince is surely on the lookout for his princess. Although, from his facial expression, it doesn’t look like he wants to be smooched any time soon.

Who knows? Maybe your soulmate is waiting for you in Walmart right now.

(Image Source/Instagram)

They See Me Rollin’

Why would you bother to walk when you can be pushed around? I might get Walt to do this for me next time we hit the supermarket.

(Image Source/Instagram)

When It’s Been A Long Hot Summer And Its 95 Degrees In The Shade

Is there anything more uncomfortable than when it’s basically a thousand degrees outside.

The answer? Jump in the fridge at the supermarket. Naturally. Air con just isn’t always enough.

(Image Source/Instagram)

Next time you pop to the shops, just remember that people have cameras on their phones nowadays!

You might think twice about the way you’re behaving. Or you might be like these people and just not care.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on your trips to the supermarket?