‘Uninhabitable’ 1887 House Is Lovingly Restored To Its Former Glory

You know what it’s like when your home needs some DIY. It’s such a good feeling when you get all those minor repairs done and you can finally feel proud of the place that you live in. stood


But when this house stood falling apart for years on end, everyone in the neighborhood thought there was never any chance that it would be restored and given the TLC it deserved.


It was literally falling down; overgrown with dirt, rubble, and weeds, it was an eye sore, although there were still glimpses of it’s former glory and you can tell that it was actually once a beautiful, grand, family home.

This was what the house looked like before it was given an amazing transformation. You can see its hidden  detail and beauty under the sad neglect.

Luckily, though, it wouldn’t be long before someone would give it a second chance and make it into the beautiful home it used to be.

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