Woman Who Posted About Her Missing Dog On Facebook Finds Another Woman Trying To SELL It!

As it stands, you all know that I don’t have much faith in the human race (but still love you all, of course). Dogs, on the other hand, are precious angels that need to be protected at all costs and are far superior in every way. And if there is any story that highlights this fact, then this is it.

If you’re a dog owner and it’s the 4th July, then your first thought should be keeping your dogs calm and safe during the firework-filled madness. 

The poor little creatures get so scared by the noisy holiday that they need to be kept inside. 

But no matter how hard you try, there’s always some dogs that are just determined to get out, freaked out by the noise. 

Well, for this particular couple, their precious pup had hotfooted it out of the yard before the celebrations had even began! 

When one man came home to put his dogs inside before the celebrations began, he found that his husky, Sansa, had escaped. It seemed that she took Independence Day to a whole new level… 

Still, not exactly what you want to see before breaking out the BBQ. 

Hoping Someone Had Seen The Poor Pup, The Man’s Girlfriend Took To Facebook To Post A Description.

(Image Source: BoredPanda)

She described the dog as a ‘Siberian Husky with one blue eye, one brown’. Pretty unique. 

The good news? A woman had definitely seen the dog and had taken her in.  

The bad news? She was NOT the person you wanted to find your dog.  

The Woman Who Found Sansa Decided To SELL Her

If you found a lost dog, everyone’s first thought would be to find the owner right? RIGHT? Well apparently not everyone.

A woman had seen the beautiful husky and rather than find its owner, took it as an opportunity to make a dollar or two! 

As if my faith in humanity wasn’t already weaker than the Kardashian’s claim to fame. 

Something tells me the woman didn’t think it through as one blue eye and one brown eye made this dog pretty damn recognizable! 

(Image Source: BoredPanda)

The woman had snapped pictures of the dog and put them up on the internet. She set the price at $200 for the pup with the description:

“Very friendly husky black and white about 4 months old just a rehoming price let us now ASAP first come first serve.”

Facebook Users Quickly Recognised The Pup

Luckily people connected the dots pretty easily. The post caught the attention of the internet and users were determined to bring the woman to justice!  Thank goodness there is still some right in this world.

People started to comment: 

“Please do the right thing and give the dog back to the rightful owner.” 

“You cannot sell a dog that is not yours. It is against the law.” 

And my personal favorite:

“You are a trash human.”

But the thief had the audacity to comment back! They defended themselves saying:

“Yes n thank god we didn’t leave the dog out in the street the cops who i did call wouldn’t even take him n we help kids that were scared of the dog.”

“Taking myself out of the group I love Jesus n some of u who talk about good n bad should check yourself.’

Later on in the day, the status of the dog had switched to sold. But Sansa had actually been found by her owners (and was probably as confused as hell.)

(Image Source: BoredPanda)

Dog And Owner Were Reunited

The little boy who lived next door to the sellers had alerted the owners to the house and they managed to retrieve their dog.

The owners posted an update to social media.

(Image Source: BoredPanda)

People in the comments were shocked by the story and rightfully so!

One took the opportunity to tell everyone to microchip as stolen pets can then be reunited to their owners when they are brought to the vets.

Another suggested that the owner was generous in assuming the dog ran away, suggesting that Sansa might have in fact been stolen from the yard.

I’m just thankful that the dog and owner could be reunited! What do you guys think?